Fusion 5 – Android RTS Game ( under development )

Fusion 5 – Real-time Mobile Strategy gamefusion5_s1 fusion5_s2This project is in development. My goal is to create a RTS game. The goal is to capture the structure build resource generators and different offense and defense tool. Like an extended Tower defense. The game core is under development if that part is finished than i can make the graphics more impressive. At the moment I´m  focusing on an other game but this development is also running next to that.


Zeus Media Player – For Android devices


This is an ongoing but at the moment a parked project. My goal is to create an impressive music player with  some great 3D visualization. However I have some great issue whit Unity 3D and android because of the performance. The too many drawcall is not the best friends whit android. I made an extrem optimalization but still hard to keep whit the GUI elements the draw call limit under 100 . I have to wait till the better OpenCL will arrive and the mobile performance will be enough for the concept what i would like to achieve. In the meantime I develop the Submarine Pirates – android game which i would like to publish in this year.