From Beyond 2177

From Beyond 2177  ( Under development )  – Sci-fi shooter game for HTC VIVE


My goal was with this game development to test different control options for htc vive. On the other hand I wanted to create a fully procedural level design so every time the player runs any level design it will be always something new to explore. This methodology is very popular nowadays but not many used in VR environment.  The game is a very basic ” search , destroy , and develop principal. Since I work on the game alone I aim just something which can be done by one developer. I wanted a breathtaking procedural environment with absolute free moving and realistic fighting system. Also in the game there will be hidden contents which will give for the person a little story about the main character.

The game is on 35% roughly I´m working on the game assets and 3d objects , lighting , textures and sound design. Once everything will come together peoples will have a fully procedural mini shooter game with wonderful AAA level design quality.

Please check out bellow the screen shoots and current beta gameplay video.

 In Game Screen recording





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